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Gateworld Lore- The Squalu'nai
The Chillwind Plateau and surrounding regions including the isle of Wiseshire off the northern coast of the subcontinent have been the source of conflict for the Da'nai and several other races ever since the Second Age. The mysterious Yuki-Onna and their Yeti guardians were displaced fairly early on, but due to staying on the Plateau's outer wastes and their relatively peaceful natures have remained largely unaffected by the Da'nai's meddling. The more violent Trolls were seen as a chronic problem and were aggressively persecuted and slaughtered for Ages until they too were pushed deep into the frozen wilderness.
However, it was the tribes of Shan-do "White-furs" who had occupied the Chillwind for generations that faced the worst discrimination and marginalization at the hands of their Spiritia "betters." Having an unusually strong magical affinity and connection to the land, they fiercely resi
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Voodoo Lady by jollyjack Voodoo Lady :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,082 74 Raandal's Doll by KannelArt
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Raandal's Doll :iconkannelart:KannelArt 562 35
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Gateworld Tales~ The Strange Tale of Alice Lebel 1
Even standing on tiptoe, Paz could just barely reach the tarnished silver bell's ringer--a short leather strap. It seemed odd to the Hoblin that a place meant for beings of all sizes and shapes in the Gateworld would overlook such a thing. His own race's natural impatience was beginning to set in. He waited for nearly a minute, tugging on his yellowish tunic and fidgeting, then rang it again.
"Are you sure this is the right place?" Standing behind him with arms crossed in front of her pleated sari, Siura was growing a bit testy herself. All six meters of the Lamia's vividly patterned green, yellow and black serpentine body were coiled underneath her. After a long wagon ride from the countryside to get here, both expected the Abbadys chapter of the Introductory Guild to be a much nicer building than the ancient three-story structure that stood before them. The sand-colored brick fascia was cracked and worn; the old wooden roof a patchwork of hastily repaired holes. It looked as if it
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Gateworld Tales~ The Strange Tale of Alice Lebel 2
It was nearly dawn by the time the travelers finally gave in; they had fed their lamp all night and were down to only three starshards left out of the ten the Centaurian supplied them with. Paz and Siura were piled atop each other, the morning sun mostly blotted out by the thick forest surrounding the cave. When the Lamia first woke it was nearly noon. As she was coming to she felt unusually warm, yawning and stretching underneath Paz's body. It was then she realized that the source of heat was not herself but the wounded Hoblin, feverish and sweaty. She gasped with shock at his injured state.
In the dim light she knew that the Cobold had cut him, but she had no clue as to the dire condition Paz was truly in. There was so much blood on his shredded, dirty tunic that it was hard to tell if it was all from him or shared with his assailant. He had several bruises and gashes on his exposed lower legs and arms; the open wounds were beginning to fester and swell. Infection. The monster's fil
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MONDO BLITZO - Art Book by blitzcadet MONDO BLITZO - Art Book :iconblitzcadet:blitzcadet 522 23


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Bioshock Infinite is set on a city built by a racist, ultra-conservative, history revisionist Christian. Yet somehow the armed forces of Columbia allows female soldiers.

Ken Levine is a fucking hack.
Everyone just loves to quote the Star Wars trilogies, but no one ever quotes the Star Wars Christmas Special. If there ever was proof that there's a war on Christmas...
You can really not have more fun in an online video game than when your team mates whine about your poor gaming skills and you reply "U triggered?"

Gamers are so insecure.


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