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So I've made a lot of sequences this summer. And a short comic. Cool beans and all :)

But which summer sequence would you say has been the best? :)

Since I'm finally done drawing the Heavy Transformation Show, I can finally draw sequences and other fun stuff :)

So until September I'm opening the suggestion box. But on a few conditions. Since I'm still attached to that stupid hotel job I can't draw every suggestion I get so I'm just going to pick them at random. Which is why I want MANY DIFFERENT suggestions.

Please read through the comments before you type in your idea so that you can come up with something that no one else has taken. I don't mind drawing more cosmic hair girl teefs, but I don't want 40 comments asking for the same thing.

Be creative, be original. Add some unique detail to your idea, like instead of saying "TG sequence of a guy into a nerd" say something like "TG sequence of a guy turning into a shortstack nerd." (That idea is already being sketched up though.)

Also, no bimbofications. Hourglass expansions are fine but please, the pink-and-blonde-fuck-golem-aesthetic is just boring.

[EDIT] Also, no real life people. That's just kinda weird...


Previously: Paypal and Commissions!

The last thing I wrote about receiving payments on Paypal was that both artists and commissioners HAD TO tell Paypal that their digital product had already "been shipped," since Paypal may want to track the "product" and if they can't track it they would assume that the artist was scamming the customer.

If they come to that assumption, they may fine the artist/seller for a LOT of money. I have read sums of up to 5000 USD. So unless you're willing to be in the risk zone, READ THIS THROUGH!

Well, now Paypal has fixed this thing and it's good in the worst way and terrible in new and exciting ways. I found this info on tumblr and I have reblogged it, but I found the instructions to be kinda hard to follow so I'm writing this to clarify it slightly. If only to myself so that I won't forget it.

Here follows a step-by-step guide on how to inform Paypal that your invoice is for digital goods and it does not require shipping.

Step 1:

Make an invoice following the instructions in my other journal on Paypal and Commissions!

Step 2:

When you have finished making your invoice, return to the main invoice page and select the commission you wish to mark as "unshippable."

Pp1 1 by TheDangerCat

Step 3:

You will find yourself on this page.

Pp1 2 by TheDangerCat

Click "View details."

Pp1 3 by TheDangerCat

Step 4:

You will find yourself on this page.
Pp1 4 by TheDangerCat

Click "Edit Tracking Info."
Pp1 5 by TheDangerCat

Step 5:

You will find yourself on this page and the only thing you have to do is set the "Order Status" as "Order Processed/Service Rendered." The remaining field will fill out on their own, but if they don't, make sure it looks like this:

Pp1 6 by TheDangerCat


This is something I advise every artist to do retroactively to your invoices if you have already made invoices in the past. Being hit with a 5000 USD fine can ruin a whole lot of sunny days in the future.

But I think that's all I've got for today. Please share this to artists you know or suspect don't know about this. And if you have any more information on the subject, please tell the world so that we can all be safe.

What a remarkably creative title that is, eh?

This is just a quick one-off update post to get us all up to speed since my watch count kinda exploded these last few weeks. I don't have much more to talk about so here it is in list form:

1. The Heavy Transformation Show #1 is almost done. Barring any unforeseen problems like computer death, broken arms or family business you should definitely see it released in June. Bear in mind that the time spent on this 15-ish page comic is downright shameful if you ask me so I HOPE I've learned my lesson with this experiment. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid.)

2. More sequences, but also less. I've quit my job as a receptionist as of the last day of September because I feel like I'm finally ready to tackle art as my main dig (we'll see how well that goes). However I've also accepted additional responsibilities for this summer because I want to work up some capital. That will obviously limit my time on art. But these last three sequences I've made have proven to me that I can not only make sequences quicker than I ever could before, but also that I can enjoy making them. So even if I won't have the time to dish out as many sequences as I probably would like to, I am going to try to make a few of them every month at least.

3. Patreon? I've discussed my dislike for Patreon in the past but if I can end this update on one thing it'd be to invite a discussion on what you'd think about me starting it? To be perfectly clear, I am not planning to start a Patreon campaign, especially not during the summer. But imagine I made the best or worst or most meh campaign ever, how would you imagine each of these to be planned?

And that's all for now, my scrobbles. Now go, safe in the name of Favourite, Share and Watch :)

Okay, so maybe I'm a complete butt for not making this journal earlier. But better late than never...

So if you're an artist that does commissioned work, you might use Paypal to request payment. And if you're a good boy or girl, you do it the way that Paypal intended for you to do it and you DON'T just tell your clients "to send you 100 bucks to DangerButt@geocities.ocean on Paypal."

I'll re-iterate:
If you are an artist who asks for money on Paypal;


I'm not sure on the exact details as to why but I think it has to do with how Paypal "categorises" all the money transfers they handle. Donations have to be treated in one way and payments a different way. "Money transfers" like the standard "send 100 bucks to DangerButt@geocities.ocean on Paypal" kinda rests in a grey zone. It's not illegal to receive money but is probably illegal to earn money using it.

So Paypal chose to crack down on that type of behaviour and it is now not really safe for us artists to ask for money unless we use the Paypal Invoicing system. It can be found on your "Tools" tab when on Paypal's website. If you don't do this, Paypal has the right to fine the end user (artist) pretty heavily.

It's not hard to use when you know what to do but I get it if you don't know what to do because this is another thing that schools don't tell you. So I made this handy guide:

DC CommissionGuide by TheDangerCat

Feel free to spread this around because it's vital for a healthy and safe relationship between artists and commissioners alike. In fact if you are a commissioner first and foremost, you'd do us all a great service by telling artists who don't use the invoicing system to start doing it. That way they'd be safe from any unnecessary and expensive fines from Paypal.

Another very important thing that I forgot to put in the guide but something both artists and commissioners need to know is that; if Paypal ever asks the customer if they have or have not received the "product," they absolutely HAVE TO SAY YES EVEN IF THAT IS NOT TRUE. Paypal may try to track the "product" but since we're dealing with digital goods here, there's nothing to track. And if there's nothing to track, Paypal will assume that the artist is scamming the customer and they will be fined very heavily for the crime that never happened.

So to re-iterate again:

  1. Artists should always use the invoicing system.
  2. The invoice should be filled out like the guide shows.
  3. Commissioners will do everyone a solid favour by telling artists that don't use the invoicing system to start doing it.
  4. If Paypal ever asks if you have received what you paid for, please tell them "yes" even if you haven't.

Now stay strong my children and go safe in the name of Like, Share and Subscribe =P

Tmi1 by TheDangerCat
Ask gross questions on the gross tamblr and I'll try to respond with a gross sketch and answer. Non-gross questions may get a fruity sketch :3
I don't know when I became the go-to person in the TGTF community to find out which tablet and program you should buy if you're attempting to start an artistic career, but people have been asking me this fairly often as of late so I may as well go with the flow.

The most important thing to remember before reading any further is that your skill as an artist comes from experience far more than it will ever come from any device or program. The skills you have to cultivate in say, Photoshop are the same skills you'd have to grow on physical paper with a physical pen or pencil. If you're not in an economically stable situation or if you're not really 100% sure you really like drawing, you should probably start off by just doing things on paper for about half a year or so, just to feel out what it is you really love. But if you really love doing art, here's what I can say about programs and devices.

To begin with, I've owned 5 tablets in total. A Trust-brand tablet of forgotten model name, a Small Wacom Bamboo, a Cintiq 12WX, a Wacom Intuos4 and for a short time I tried out a Cintiq 13HD. The experience of owning these 5 devices has taught me that pressure sensitivity is key. The Trust and Bamboo tablet both had 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and trying to draw on them was absolutely atrocious. The pressure sensitivity of tablets is what usually gives artists a great sense of control in their lines and brush strokes and with only 512 levels, it's like trying to paint fine details with the same type of brush you paint barns with. My old Cintiq 12WX had 1024 levels and that experience from switching from my Bamboo still makes me confident to say that if your wallet is your primary concern, then 1024 levels is what you must aim for. Do not settle for anything below 1024 levels of sensitivity, even if you have money problems because the difference is so marked that you'll cry tears of anguish when you finally get a 1024 to replace whatever 512 tablet you bought.

We'll get into cheap tablets later. But first, I want to press that if you are really confident that your artistic endeavours are only hampered by not making the switch to digital and you just know that you must have a good tablet, then I recommend any tablet of medium to large size with 2048 levels of sensitivity. While 1024 levels is what you should settle for if money is an issue, 2048 levels is what you should aim for if your art is your primary concern. My old Wacom Intuos4 has been with me for the last 6 years now and while I tried to replace it with a Cintiq 13HD, I chose to return that tablet to the merchant because the colour representation of the Cintiq 13HD is not really that good in comparison to my primary computer screen. Both tablets do have 2048 levels of sensitivity though and I can't recommend this attribute enough. The amount of control you'll get in your art is so beyond anything else that going back is just not a question.

So basically, I recommend any tablet with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity or more. But do I recommend Wacom products? No, not at all.

Even though I've only ever used Wacom products (that aforementioned Trust tablet broke barely a month after I got it), Wacom's devices have had a long-standing history of being severely overpriced in relation to their competitors with only one upside to their brand: The Wacom Stylus does not require any kind of battery or electric charge. Until recently, when Wacom finally revealed their new line of Intuos Pros and Cintiqs with 8k levels of pressure sensitivity, Wacom has enjoyed way too much goodwill and attention from artists. I can't say much about their new lines of 8k sensitive products since I haven't tried them. But I stand by what I've said that 2k sensitivity is really good and has been that for the last 10 years in much of the artist community.

So I will recommend to you the Huion H58L.
Huion H58L by TheDangerCat
While I've never used a Huion product before, I've heard nothing but good words about them. They are just as good as the Intuos line of Wacom tablets but for a mere 8th of the price. You can't go wrong with that if you ask me. So if you're die-hard about wanting to get into the digital art scene, this is the thing you should try to get. Amazon stocks them as well.

But what about tablets with integrated screens, like the Wacom Cintiq or the Huion GT-190? Honestly I think they're pretty overhyped. Not that I don't think they aren't great, I know plenty of artists in the TGTF community that swears by them and I'm not gonna argue that the likes of Grumpy and BlackShirtBoy are wrong. But I thought the colour representation in the Cintiq 13HD is pretty poor and I don't really think that your artistic growth will improve enough to make the price worth it. But that is all up to you really. Tablet Monitors are less about the specs and more about the comfort level. Which is what I'm gonna talk about in regards to art programs.

I haven't has as much experience with art programs as I have with tablets. I used Corel PaintShop Pro X2 for some 2-3 years before switching to Photoshop CS5 and I still use that version of Photoshop to this day. I have also tried Clip Studio Paint as well as some more obscure programs like Krita or Mischief. All I can really say is that when it comes to programs, you should try as many as you can before you settle on one. Because all programs are more or less interchangeable; you can do pretty much the same things in all of them, it's just a matter of how you do them. I still stick to Photoshop CS5 because I know the program well and I'm comfortable with the brush engine. I do have Clip Studio Paint, and I really want to learn it but I don't quite have the time to.

So in conclusion,

If you're asking me what to get for starting your career I recommend Huion tablets with at least 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity but you should still aim for 2048. As for programs, check out as many as you can. Download one trial version per week and try to find out what you like the most before buying it.

A small warning, this is kinda personal and maybe even containing too much information. The subjects touched upon involve gender identity and all the associated personal issues as well as a small request.

I have a small request that I would like to ask of you, my friends and fans.

If you are afflicted with gender identity dysphoria of one form or the other, I would love to read about your experience with that. I know this is a bit presumptive of me to just ask of you so I have written down a bit of why I'm asking this for context. And I have allowed for anonymous asks on my art tamblr if you want to be 100% anonymous when sharing. I promise whole-heartedly that I will not share what you write to the public unless you explicitly want me to. And if you don't want me commenting, just say so and I will respect that as well.

So if you feel up for it, send me a note on dA, an "ask" on the tamblr or even comment below. I promise anonymity wherever I can insure it :)

As for context.

So recently a person came up to me in a note and asked me a little about what it's like to be a woman.

I might disappoint a lot of people by admitting this, but I was not assigned female at birth :/

I have for the longest time viewed myself as gender-fluid and I know that I have a degree of sexual body dysmorphia, both are aspects of what I think as gender identity dysphoria. But I was raised kind of unusually. My dad died just a few months after my birth and I never really had a father figure, for better or for worse. My mom was exceptionally doting and allowed me to do most anything I liked doing as a child.

And as a child I was really asocial. I hated the kids around me and I loved playing alone. I suspect parts of this helped me form my earliest suppositions of gender as a child. Because I remember pretty clearly that I just never felt like either a boy or a girl when I was really young. I had no concept of what the differences were and I think it first came to me gradually when I was around 10 years old. Followed by that awful time of our lives when hormones ruin our childlike innocence.

As a teenager I started to ligthen up as far as social anxiety was concerned. Started hanging out with mostly guys but also a few girl friends from childhood. And I had a lot of fun, I won't deny that, but I always hated, hated, HATED the expectation that I was to be the aggressive, masculine man who chased girls at every moment. "Go to parties," they said. "You can get laid," they said. "Fuck bitches," they said.

I hated it.

The act of personally having sex never really interested me. But sex as a concept, as a subject to learn about was something I adored. Just as learning about sexuality, gender and all the associated subjects. But having sex is not. And after losing my virginity at 21, I feel pretty much okay with that.

Basically, I just never felt like much of a "man" or whatever that means. And while I did envy girls for being allowed to express their femininity in a way that boys just weren't really permitted to in my teenage days, I don't think I really was a girl trapped inside a boy's body. I guess I'm just non-binary, trapped inside a male body.

And my 25th birthday is in just seven days, so I decided to finally get to grips on this crap. I'm seeing a psychologist and I'm planning to fix my body dysmorphia by diet and working out and probably androgen blockers.

So what about this actually involves you, my dear readers?

Well, I don't think it's any surprise that I have a lot of fans who are afflicted with some form of gender identity dysphoria. And I wouldn't be too wrong in assuming that many of my fans are women who were assigned male at birth. You, as well as men who were assigned female at birth are the folks I am most interested in hearing from. As someone who never felt like either a man or a woman, but still trapped in the wrong body, I want to know a little more about the personal experiences from people like you. And of course I'd love to hear from all the non-binaries and in-betweeners as well :)

Specifically I wonder about these:
What does gender identity dysphoria mean for you?
When and why did it occur to you?
What was it like to realize it?
And how does it feel for you, personally?

And that more or less covers all that I wanted to write about. I hope I didn't gross anyone out or ruin your perceptions of me too much. And I really hope you'll consider sharing your experiences in one form or another.

Now stay strong my friends and scrobbles in these darkened times. Be the light that stays lit and remember to love life as the ones you are.

PS. Thanks to whoever gave me the core membership so that I could change my user name to something that made more sense ;)

PPS. You can still call me "she/her," I don't mind one way or the other <3
Become a better artist.

This year sucked.

Thank you and good night.

Okay, okay, I'll do this for real.

By far, the worst thing about 2016 has been that it was too close to 2014, another exceptionally shit year. Because although this has been a really awful year for many things, it has also been pretty solid for me in general.

I had that sucky substitute job as a "prison warden" for two months, but I was lucky to get fired before my four months were up and it paid well enough to support me until I started working as a hotel receptionist. That thing was pretty stressful during the summer but it was still fun and I still have low part-time there which combines neatly with the drawins'.

Speaking of which, I think this was my most solid year ever in terms of art. Lots of learning, lots of experimentation. I still wouldn't say I have reached that level I want to reach, which is simply to be 100% comfortable with what I draw on a regular basis. To be insolently honest, I think my results have been better than ever before but it's the simple act of drawing and finishing that is still several steps away from me. Drawing is a highly iterative process for me, whereas I'd like it to come naturally without a lot of steps back and forth to see what's "the best" action to take. It's hard to explain, sorry.

In a nutshell though, what I want is to be able to sit down, sketch up one or two ideas and just simply draw them in one smooth line of action. Right now I'm still to scared to really trust myself to draw without constantly focusing on the petty details. I said it best on another picture:

        "Sketching is the most important step for me, because it's at this point that I have 100% control over what I'm doing. As soon as I start getting more detailed, I lose some control and if something isn't right when I start getting the details down, it's going to be wrong. It doesn't matter if the lines look good, the colours look good or if the shape looks okay. If it's wrong, it is wrong."

Well... I was wrong. If it looks good, it looks good. And I have to learn how to accept that.

Music break, because this is heavy.

Onto other things though, this is a review of the year after all. Some quick-fire reviews:

Best film I've seen this year:
Tied for first place is John Wick and The Raid, and I fully aware that they weren't released this year but they were still awesome, so shut up.

Worst film I've seen this year:

I should point out that I hate "Worst-of lists." Still, Batman V Superman was just not very good and the more I allowed it to percolate, the less I wanted to see that extended cut I mentioned in my first review.

Best/Worst films I haven't seen this year but am going to:
Zootopia and Warcraft. I have them in my possession, but I can't watch them because my PS3 needs an update before it can authenticate that I bought them and I don't have a router or cable splitter... DRM sucks...

Best game I played this year:
Although I spent over 300 hours in Fallout 4 and I really did love it, I think my two favourite games of this year would have to be Firewatch and Ducktales Remastered. Why? Simply because Ducktales made me smile out of childish enjoyment and nostalgia and Firewatch was just plain smart. Anyone complaining about it not being "gamey" enough or that the ending sucked just don't get it. If games are an art form, which they are, they shouldn't be forced to comply with anyone's standards of what makes a game a "game."

Game I'm most hyped for but haven't played yet:

Jalopy. I dig the concept even though I care nothing about cars. I'm not buying incomplete products though, I'm not an idiot.

Best books:
Yes, books. I've gotten to the point where I'm an old person and I read a shit tonne of books now. At the top is definitely Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics and Making Comics. These three are some of the most insightful, uplifting and funny educational books on art that I have ever owned, and I own almost 30 books on art right now. I have praised Bruce Block's The Visual Story in the past for being a brilliant piece on how to understand composition, and it works amazingly well in tandem with Scott McCloud's books. You should certainly get them if you want to learn how to make comics.

Special mention goes out to Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species which you should know is still the bedrock of biology. Even as new laws and facts are discovered, Darwin's theory has persisted through more than 150 years. It's only getting a special mention here though, because embarrassingly, I haven't finished reading it yet. It's really hard to get through since the writing is so formal that a single sentence can last over 100 words. I will get through it at some point though.

??? program I've used this year???
So I bought Clip Studio Pro and what is it? I cannot understand a thing about how its brush engine works. I get that it's a nice brush engine, but why does every line do it's own thing? I'm gonna keep trying to learn CSP, but geeze, that brush engine just makes me go "what?" every time.

Let's take another music break because this just keeps going.

Still with me?

Okay, neat. Have a waffle. I feel like I got through most of the past year, not all of course, so let's jump off to the future.

What can you expect from me? What am I going to work on? Are commissions going to be re-opened soon? Do I take requests? Should I fly to the U.S. and pour jello on Grumpy-TG and CircleOfPenguins?

So, there is a plan for the next year and it's going to be a while before I can show you the results of my labour. I'm not going anywhere, but I am planning on taking a "break" from uploading new stuff so to speak. I'll try to draw a few things from here to there, just to prove that I'm not dead, but 99% of my attention from now on will be put into two projects that I know you are going to like. I know I say that every year with my "projects and shit" but this is more serious and has had more work put into it than you might think.

It's not "the Game" though, I've said it before and I'll say it again if I have to. That thing is a loooooooong term project and I might not even get it off the ground further than my design document.

Am I going to open commissions again? You bet your butt.
More Gateworld TFs and race sheets? Oh yah. Much more of that.
Jello on Grumpy? Well, I do want to go to the U.S. at some point, but probably not this year to be honest.

Also, as is to be expected I'm gonna be out of town for the holidays, despite my greatest efforts. But I will have access to dA via my mom's Macbook and Discord via my phone and my grandmom's wifi. My Discord is DangerCat#5097 and I am always approachable :)

And I think that just about covers it.

Best song of the year.

Stay safe, luvs.
It happened three days ago.

I suppose there's something about that to call attention to.

So last week I ordered a couple of cool items, the first being a Cintiq 13HD and the other a copy of New Romancer and I thought I should write a few words about them.

I've had a Cintiq in the past, a 12WX. Most people will know that the 12WX was pretty terrible. Only 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, tiny SD-screen, poor colours and it was prone to several kinds of hardware failures. Mine worked for little over 18 months before the backlights broke and it became impossible to colour on it. Since then I've been working with a trustworthy Intuos4 and last x-mas I got myself an HP 27XW IPS monitor because my main screen died. This monitor is the best computer screen I've ever had and I'll be damned before I go back to something with worse colour range.

Like for instance, the Cintiq 13HD. While it does have the same colour range as my main monitor (since both are IPS monitors it's kind of impossible for it not to), it has a demonstrably worse saturation representation and I could feel my eyes bleed when I tried to colour on it. It's very hard to describe but comparing it to my 27XW, the Cintiq 13HD just looked like it had this grey-tinted plastic film covering it. It doesn't remove any of the colours, but it does affect their representation and it just looks wrong.

The Cintiq 13HD is not worth it if colouring is a thing you love doing and mine is going back to the store.

The other thing I bought, for less than 1% of the cost of a Cintiq was New Romancer by Peter Milligan, Brett Parson and Brian Miller.
NEWROM Cv1 5644122baed770.62737225 by TheDangerCat
It's a comic book about something... I don't know what because it's written horribly and is way too fast-paced for the shit that happens. But I only bought it for Brett Parson's art work anyhow and it's fucking wonderful. Seriously, this is some of the most gorgeous comic book art I have ever seen. But if you don't want to buy a crappy comic book, you could at least check out Brett Parson's deviantArt.

Bottom line:

Cintiq 13HD = Terrible
Brett Parson's art = Awesome

I guess I've "soft-launched" my return from the depths of being a hotel clerk. Technically speaking I'm still working there but only the odd or off hour when needed. Not much to call making a living, but I've got a good feeling nonetheless.

So let's kick this "formal announcement" (read: pretentious, because I'm a hipster like that) journal off by saying that commissions are open again. Slots are gone with. Not much point having them any more. Also, as you may have seen with that last TG comic/sequence thing I uploaded, smaller TF comics are now on the menu. I haven't quite decided the prices yet, but they're gonna be in full colour and stay around the $75-90ish range.

That's the good stuff.

Some other cool things I want to announce (read: pretentiously plug, because I don't know when to stop please help me I'm trapped here) are some bits of Gateworld fiction by Ri and Pen.

First of all, Ri has been working hard to revamp some of his original concepts and kicked it off with his Stygians
Gateworld Lore: StygiansStygians: Hailing from the desert badlands of the north, few beings in Camboria are as tough and brutal as Stygians. Once nothing more than simple survivalists and marauders fighting among each other to survive, now they are known as some of the most ruthless and effective mercenaries anyone can hire. Whatever dirty job someone needs to have done, a Stygian will have no qualms of doing it, so long as you pay the right price.
Stygians most resemble humans near peak physical condition and generally grow to become around 5-6’5 feet tall. Their skin and hair tones come in dark shades of ash and pale blue. With their most notable feature being their eyes, which are balls of constantly burning blue flame and can be only extinguished when a Stygian dies.
Stygians are not able to use magic in any capacity. Instead they rely and develop their own physical abilities to make up for for the lack of magical ones. Although they are unable to use magic, they have a notable healing factor which

There are some familiar elements here, but also new twists and engaging turns to this race that I think you should take a look at.

And then we have Pen's Strange Tale of Alice Lebel which I've read over and over, because it's just that gooood.
Gateworld Tales~ The Strange Tale of Alice Lebel 1Even standing on tiptoe, Paz could just barely reach the tarnished silver bell's ringer--a short leather strap. It seemed odd to the Hoblin that a place meant for beings of all sizes and shapes in the Gateworld would overlook such a thing. His own race's natural impatience was beginning to set in. He waited for nearly a minute, tugging on his yellowish tunic and fidgeting, then rang it again.
"Are you sure this is the right place?" Standing behind him with arms crossed in front of her pleated sari, Siura was growing a bit testy herself. All six meters of the Lamia's vividly patterned green, yellow and black serpentine body were coiled underneath her. After a long wagon ride from the countryside to get here, both expected the Abbadys chapter of the Introductory Guild to be a much nicer building than the ancient three-story structure that stood before them. The sand-colored brick fascia was cracked and worn; the old wooden roof a patchwork of hastily repaired holes. It looked as if it
  Gateworld Tales~ The Strange Tale of Alice Lebel 2It was nearly dawn by the time the travelers finally gave in; they had fed their lamp all night and were down to only three starshards left out of the ten the Centaurian supplied them with. Paz and Siura were piled atop each other, the morning sun mostly blotted out by the thick forest surrounding the cave. When the Lamia first woke it was nearly noon. As she was coming to she felt unusually warm, yawning and stretching underneath Paz's body. It was then she realized that the source of heat was not herself but the wounded Hoblin, feverish and sweaty. She gasped with shock at his injured state.
In the dim light she knew that the Cobold had cut him, but she had no clue as to the dire condition Paz was truly in. There was so much blood on his shredded, dirty tunic that it was hard to tell if it was all from him or shared with his assailant. He had several bruises and gashes on his exposed lower legs and arms; the open wounds were beginning to fester and swell. Infection. The monster's fil

Seriously, y'all should read these if you have the time. They're great!

And y'all should write your own Gateworld stuff. They'll be great! (read: vegetables make for very bad sexual companions since they always exercise when you're in the mood, you'll have to build an exercise machine to keep them occupied but it will take you an entire week and you'll spend months just letting it gather dust as you feel your pants be less comfortable than they once were and you have got to answer that fucking phone it's driving me nuts!)

So with a mere 30 hours until I've spent about 300 hours in the game, having tried out all the DLCs and each of the faction endings, what's my final verdict on Fallout 4?

I liked it. Quite a lot to be honest.

Fallout 4 epitomizes the game design concept of designing a number of simple systems and having them play off of one another. The entire game is essentially just about the crafting/building, exploring and levelling up, and each of these elements' corresponding systems are tied to each other in one of the most elegant positive feedback loops I've seen in a game since Dishonored.

The way it works is like this; in order to have the best gear, you need to gather items. You gather items either through exploring, killing stuff or doing quests. Each one of these options provides you with EXP with which you level up your skills in building weapons/other stuff, killing stuff, sneaking away from stuff or convincing people to give you their stuff. Which all in all is essential if you want to gather items in order to get the best gear. And that's how a positive feedback loop works.

But positive feedback loops are intrinsically manipulative shorthands for extending gameplay hours. See also smartphone games. A PFL usually only works for a limited amount of time, and generally only for very simple tasks that are themselves too trite or insubstantial to be fun on their own.

"The intrinsic reward for knifing dudes in the face should be knifing dudes in the face."

That's why it's lucky that, for me at least, the tasks that create the PFL in Fallout 4 are fun on their own. Granted, this is my own subjective opinion on the game, but I really like knifing deathclaws in the face. I also like the crafting and building, which I do understand are a little bit shallow but it can be fixed with a few mods. And I of course like the looting and exploring.

Bethesda really made a good job making each element of Fallout 4's PFL feel good to play with. And that's why I don't feel the same kind of shame that I feel when looking at the depressingly high number of hours I've wasted in Skyrim.

And that's basically all I have to say in review of Fallout 4. It's a very good game. The story and roleplaying aspects are complete trash though. Also, it's very hard to install mods for some reason...

Working to get back into form after this summer. Art is hard :roll:
I wouldn't normally write something like this, but I sort of feel a trend blowing in the wind and I may as well do my part in order to extinguish the flames before they get out of control. I want to re-iterate, I'm not writing this because I'm bored or whatever, I'm writing this because for the sake of damage control. People have been kinda annoying to me on deviantART as of late and I want to make a few things clear.

First of all, I have a "three-strike rule" on every website I'm on. You piss me off three times and you get permanently blocked. You may apologize as many times as you feel like but in the end it will not matter. You piss me off three times and I'm just not going to bother spending any more energy on you. There are exceptions to this rule, obvious trolls are blocked after one strike. The underlying point is basically: if you're trying to waste my time or make me angry or both, you're the one wasting your time. And yes, I do keep track of this quite vigorously.

Secondly, don't involve me in any drama in this community. Although doing this isn't going to piss me off, obviously. Sometimes it might be necessary to inform other people in this community of important things, like how one artist or author may have been treated badly in real life recently and could need some support. But don't send me comments or notes about online arguments or feuds between trolls and fans that have way more time than us normal people. Chances are that I'm not going to care if some guy thinks another artist is charging too much and has gone on a troll spree.

Thirdly, and I'm sure this hasn't gone over most of your heads, I am a very politically inclined person. That's just who I am and I do apologize if you think I'm using this page too much like a soap box for my leftist tendencies. I will try to avoid this in the future because I know quite well how awful it feels when someone you look up to turns out to be someone you cannot sympathize with.

Additionally, if you ever try to argue that any comment in lines of "you suck" is criticism, you can officially greet the block-hammer. Criticism is intrinsically helpful; if a comment is not helpful to the artist, then it is not criticism. "You suck" does not point out flaws or provide helpful advice, it's just harassment and trying to make the point that you are "helping through criticism" is just cowardly bullshit. Saying this to other artists as well as me is a sure way for me to type your user name into my block list.

And that's about that. Sorry for the very serious and/or toxic tone in this post. I just want to make my online conduct more transparent right now as there is a lot of tension right now and I want to save myself and everyone else the hassle is there would ever be any.

Most importantly though, stay excellent and party on, dudes! :D

I just found a folder of stuff I made before the era of DangerCat.

It's all kinda terrible, but it's a shame no one gets to see it anymore :(

Sketchiecomic 11   May Contain Traces Of Blood By  by TheDangerCat
Taytay By Rinzley-d81lt78 by TheDangerCatThe Golden Orb By Rinzley-d6m8jxa by TheDangerCat10555cccc35981f9219af4e6489b3a05-d8jqwe0 by TheDangerCatA Point In Nowhere By Rinzley-d7l915u by TheDangerCatBlood Elf Abode   Re Render By Rinzley-d7s47bt by TheDangerCatBlueoceanfloor By Rinzley-d62m276 by TheDangerCatGhastlyandspacey By Rinzley-d7toren by TheDangerCatIntroducing  Volver By Rinzley-d7asob7 by TheDangerCatLucidly By Rinzley-d7touci by TheDangerCatNot Quite A Speedpaint By Rinzley-d6q6zzd by TheDangerCatPumpkin Berries By Rinzley-d84rjbc by TheDangerCatRikka Is Sketchy By Rinzley-d7hw4sg by TheDangerCatSketchiecomic 7   To You  Old Friend By Rinzley-d7 by TheDangerCat

So how's the summer been for you guys? No seriously, I'm not asking because of politeness, I want to know :)

It's been good for me so far. The new job is great and my schedule is very easy to manage. I get a lot of time to draw. But despite that, I'm sure you want to know why my uploading is so infrequent right now.

Well, even though I have a lot of days off, I still have to spend about 30 hours at work (part-time employment is the best!) which does cut down on my drawing hours. But the big time sinks are my many, many projects. So here's what's happening, in list form!

:bulletblack:Commissions! I have three to finish, all of them are comics and those tend to take a lot of time.

:bulletblack:Contest prizes! I offered prizes to the TF-TG-Contests group and I have started working on them.

:bulletblack:Gateworld refinement! More details to come but in short, I'm doing a soft reboot on the Gateworld. It will mostly be the same but several concepts and races will be redefined, starting with a complete visual race sheet of all races and their respective sexes.

:bulletblack:Da Game... is actually on a small hiatus.

:bulletblack:Writing! I'm writing stories again, working close with A-viewer, so if you'd like to know what you can expect go check him out.

So yeah, even though nothing is really close to being finished, there's a lot of good stuff on the way. I'm sorry I can't be as prolific as maybe I'd like but I'm done feeling stressed out by my feelings of inadequacy. I'm doing this because I like it and I want to keep liking it.

And I'm sure that when it's all ready, you're all gonna like it too :)

tumblr o7x7ahP5Ww1qmkm64o1 1280 by TheDangerCat


I feel comfortable and secure in drawing again. I feel less stressed out and less obsessed with perfection. More like, "if I think it looks good, then probably is good." Which is why I needed that break.

I don't really have anything new to show you, mostly because I'm busy with a type of "self-assurance project."

Also, I got a new job. Part time, really relaxing, leaves a lot of time and energy for drawing. Not the best pay, but I can handle the bills which is very good, and with the extra time and energy I can start focusing on commissions again :)

There's one change though, I'm gonna stick to only five slots at a time. This is mainly because I want to keep things reasonable and structured while I work my day job as well. It might change in the future, but right now I'll stick to only five slots. It's also on a first come - first serve basis. So send me your notes quickly now :)

Something is telling me it's gonna be a great summer.